Published on Apr 12, 2015
Michael Harris of Seasons of Hope loves to help the terminally ill and physically challenged become Hope Recipients - and he has shared those experiences with us! Enjoy some great stories from Big John Outdoors and Seasons of Hope hunting eastern and Osceola turkeys. Great friends can be made and maintained through outdoor adventures while helping give hope to those in need! Your gifts of money, time, prayer. THANK YOU Walter Woodrick and Whitney Woodrick for allowing us to be a part of Cast and Call Outdoors

Show # 56 of Cast & Call Outdoors April 2015

Ashley the Beak Slapper  

Whitney has spent two seasons and countless hours trying to harvest an eastern turkey. Her younger sister, Ashley, showed her how it's done in twenty minutes! Thanks to Michael Harris and Mark Brown of Seasons of Hope for sharing their birds!

Published on Feb 22, 2015
These turkeys gobbled their heads off - and they're getting ready to do it again this year! Are you ready?!!!! Thank you Seasons of Hope, Michael Harris, the Nelson Family, Marcus Childers, Sturdy Oak, and The Creator!

September 18, 2013: Everyone, please continue your prayers for Brian Piccolo and his family. His last week has been a rough one. Here are the highlights from the fishing trip Brian, his wife Shelley and two of their boys went on with SOH. We're praying for you Piccolo Family!!!

Ken Mellons, Kevin Denny & others played at this benefit

Thanks You!

Posted April 1, 2015: We need everyone to please pray for our buddy Luke Crawford. This is a post that his daddy posted...THANK YOU IN ADVANCE AND GOD BLESS!!! Normally I'm a very private person and don't share truthful details with most people when they ask "how are you and your family doing?" If we were going through a crisis, barely holding it together, and struggling to survive my standard response would be everything is fine. Well today everything is not fine. Luke is very, very sick. His transplanted kidney has failed and his lungs are full of blood. He should start dialysis sometime today. If you could find it in your heart to say a prayer for my boy I'd be forever thankful.