06/07/15: Please keep our friend Andrew Cormier and his family in your prayers. Andrew has been fighting cancer for many years. He has defied the odds and won many battles that the doctors said he would never win!!! This morning we got word that Andrew's liver was shutting down. Andrew was given only a few weeks left with us. We will keep you updated. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!!

10/18/12: Team Seasons Of Hope member Kristin Yon put the smack down on a big ol floppy ear. Y'all boys better watch out, this girl is the real deal!!!

9/2016 - Wounded Warriors Annual Hog Hunt.  

                                          2/2016 Annual Youth                                           Rumble In The Swamp Rabbit & Squirrel Hunt                   

06/23/15 Yesterday was 2 years since our friend Ryan Teall gained eternal life. Ryan fought with everything he had against the monster called cancer. Make sure and enjoy life and the people in your life. I promise you that there are thousands upon thousands of people that would love to have one more day, one more conversation, hear that familiar laugh, see the smile they looked forward to and the list goes on and on. We miss u Ryan Teall!!!